success stories

what clients say

“I have worked with Ashlee on both the nutrition and fitness side. I love her style. She is patient, understanding, motivating and empowering. While working with nutrition, she puts it into perspective. Nutrition is not a diet..but a healthy lifestyle. She helps you keep it realistic. If you decide pizza is in the plan for the day, then you adjust elsewhere and incorporate healthy choices. On the training side…she is not a one size fits all. She evaluates your capabilities and structures a program to fit your needs. If there were areas where she knew I could go heavier (and that I was holding back) she would encourage me to give it a try. She is extremely positive…if there was something that was harder or I just could not do, she would never put me down or make me feel inferior. I would highly recommend working with Ashlee to get on the road to a healthier you.”
Rebecca H.
“I got engaged last spring and l remember looking at some of the photos from that special day and thinking “i hate the way i look” which is something I was used to. I had a terrible relationship with food and and even worse one with my body. So I reached out to my favorite coach from OTF and signed up for a three month coaching of macros and weight lifting. It was so hard but she stuck with me and even better i stuck with myself. Now 8 months later I am shocked by the progress and am beginning to like my body! The scale has become less and less important to me and now i focus on what feels good and eating food to fuel me! I know life 4 days per week and view exercise as me time rather than punishment. Coach Ashley completely transformed me inside and out. She was patient, supportive, and gave me all the tools i needed to get here!!”
Cory H.

Trust. It's something that is easily lost, yet so very difficult to earn. When choosing to trust someone with something as deeply personal as your health, the decision can be monumental and life changing; the risk to body and mind can be greater than one might imagine. As a fifty-one year old woman who has battled weight and body image issues for the better part of a lifetime, I had about given up on ever being able to figure out the magic formula to health, fitness, and ultimately, happiness and peace with who I was at my core. Over the years I had gone to extremes to find that illusive, magical, cure-all remedy to fix my broken relationship with diet, exercise and healthful living. Extreme diets, extreme exercise, and bariatric surgery couldn't fix what was wrong with me, and though I had temporary success with each of these methods, I never enjoyed what I was doing and the results never lasted long. Exercise was a chore, something I did to punish myself for the inevitable slip-ups in diet, not because I loved my body and wanted to care for it. Bariatric surgery allowed me to lose 150 lbs in a year, but after a difficult period in my life I regained 100 lbs. The very idea that people actually enjoyed exercise was a laughable idea, and one that I viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.

In 2017, my skepticism was laid to rest when I was invited to a group exercise class by a friend. I went and decided that maybe this whole exercise thing didn't have to be pure torture. It was there that I met Ashlee. As a coach, she was knowledgable, enthusiastic, and very patient with me and my hesitancy to try new things. As the months passed I came to appreciate her more and more, as I knew that she would gently correct my form, challenge me to try new things, or just offer helpful suggestions when I asked questions outside of class. Her ability to connect with people is apparent, and the genuineness in which she does illuminates who she is as a person, a coach, and a mentor.

As my weight loss slowed and faltered this past Spring, I decided to ask Ashlee to train me, and my husband Brian as well. We are so pleased with our progress over the past six months and are eager to see what the next six months have in store for us. We've both become stronger, leaner, and more confident in our abilities. The reduction in body fat, and the increase in muscle mass is nothing short of amazing, and the fact that we both now love lifting is a huge credit to Ashlee! I've regained so much of what I'd lost over the years, and have really started to believe in myself, and a big part of that is due to our weekly sessions. Ashlee's attention to detail, focus on form, and textbook perfect technique gives us assurance that we will continue to progress and remain injury-free in our training efforts.

We are so happy that we trusted Ashlee to train us, and very highly recommend her to anyone looking to work hard, to push their physical limits, and to have fun getting leaner, fitter and stronger.”

Michelle S.
“Working with Ashlee has been a life changing experience to say the least. Before training with her I had a very basic knowledge around nutrition, fitness, and technique. I was constantly trying fad diets, bouncing around different types of work outs and never understood why I was not seeing results. Through my journey with her she has been beyond encouraging, committed, and motivational. I have never felt or looked stronger, more empowered, and in charge of my own fitness and nutrition. Not only has she educated me on how to live a balanced/healthy lifestyle, proper technique, setting goals, and the importance of strength training, she has also empowered me to go outside of my comfort zone, be consistent, and believe in myself. Her “no judgement” style of training has always made me feel comfortable during our workouts. She pushes me to do my best and stay focused on my goals in and outside of the gym. Her passion is infectious and her work ethic and reliability is admirable. Upon meeting Ashlee my fitness journey was inconsistent and disappointing, with her guidance and coaching I have been able to meet my goals, stay focused, and feel confident!”
Supna A.
Once my summer travel plans were official (Italy and the Cayman Island) I knew I wanted to get my body in the best possible shape before my trip. I am a 24 hour member and I also attend Orange Theory Fitness classes on a regular basis, but, I felt I needed more to push me. Ashlee is a trainer at OTF and I have taken a few of her classes, so when I decided to look for a personal trainer to give me that extra push that I was looking for I immediately thought of Ashlee. She has a positive attitude (and a great body) and she listened to my needs of what I wanted to gain from my training. Ashlee created a 3 month program: each training session was devoted to upper or lower body along with extra training for core. Ashlee developed my training sessions to be different and unique (each exercise comes with a video so I always knew what to do) this was a great way to keep everything fresh and kept me wanting to go to the gym. Along with my 3 month training plan I also trained with Ashlee one-on-one at the gym a few times. I love training one-on-one with Ashlee; she gets you out of your comfort zone to try new techniques and equipment to broaden the gym experience. Ashlee is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training with an exercise routine planned. When I go to the gym, I want to leave feeling like I had a great workout, and this is the feeling you will get from any of Ashlee’s workouts. I definitely recommend Ashlee to anyone looking for an amazing personal trainer.”
Denise S.
“I had been considering the idea of using a personal trainer for many years, and had been eyeing them at the gym but just had not found the right fit until I met Ashlee Szabo. Being fairly fit, a physical therapist, and am comfortable in the gym, I needed a trainer who is very knowledgeable and at the same time innovative and motivating. Ashlee fully understands the science and kinesiology behind training. Ashlee is well read on all the newest training techniques. She has also introduced me to healthier eating habits by looking at macros. I am so thankful I met her and will continue training with her for a long time!”
Lynda K.
I started training with Ashlee with to achieve my goal for my wedding day. I had tried many gyms, but nothing was as effective or consistent than her training and macros guide. She helped me establish new eating habits, that I still use everyday. She was very encouraging and willing to help any time I needed it. I saw consistent weight loss, and became much stronger and confident in the gym. I would absolutely recommend her, she is the best!
Michelle A.
“Hi all, can’t say enough about the training I have go from Ashley! Top notch! This girl will get you results! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and it shows in everything she does! She’s 100% commited to you achieving the goals you want to reach!”
Cyndi G.
I highly recommend utilizing Ashlee as a trainer. I’m a busy executive and travel frequently. Ashlee is always flexible to make workouts that will work in any hotel gym. She’s super encouraging and will also help with diet. I’m thrilled to have found Ashlee, she’s made a huge difference in my life!
Cathy B.