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About Me

Hi there, and WELCOME! I’m Ashlee, and I’m the head coach here at Ashlee Victoria Fitness and Nutrition. Thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me!

I pride myself on being an evidence-based fitness coach, specializing in helping YOU find sustainable, enjoyable methods to create your own fitness lifestyle. No cookie cutter plans. No BS. No “broscience”. Your fitness journey should not be a “one size fits all”. I will help personalize a plan for YOU that helps you effectively and healthfully reach your physique goals.

my story

How I Got Into Fitness

From about 3rd grade up until my sophomore year of high school, I struggled with being a “chubby” kid. I got into fitness my sophomore year of high school and lost about 30 lbs on my own, BUT I struggled with an eating disorder and a very unhealthy relationship with food.

By my junior year of high school, I had built up enough endurance to join my school’s cross country team. I fell in love with the sport, did very well, and quickly moved up into a coveted varsity team spot. I continued my running career in college with a partial scholarship, and went on to improve as an athlete…until I was plagued with injuries my last year and a half. During that time, my other teammate/best friend (who was also injured!) and I delved more into strength training.

I had dabbled in it in the past with help from my high school coach, so I was very excited to focus in on it again. I found myself being more drawn to the look of physique athletes, and also setting strength-specific goals. My desire to be a skinny cardio bunny slowly drifted away. When I graduated, I moved back home, started working with a personal trainer for some motivation, and began my studies for my NASM certification.

In 2014, I completed my cert, found myself committing to a competition prep (under the guidance of a knowledgeable coach), and got hired at OrangeTheory as a group fitness coach. I also continued to educate myself more on nutrition, and improved my relationship with food through learning how to count my macros. I learned how to not be “afraid” of certain foods, and to embrace a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

I learned that I could still make progress eating some of the foods I love! What freedom!

I guess you could say that I kind of enjoy this whole fitness gig 😉

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  • B.A. Exercise Science
  • TRX qualified
  • Student of Precision Nutrition and Girls Gone Strong Pre and Post Natal Certification
  • Former college athlete
  • National-level bikini competitor
  • 4+ years fitness coaching

Speclializations/Coaching Focuses:

  • Hypertrophy/muscle building
  • Fat loss for women
  • Teaching women how to be confident and dominate in the weight room. I specifically focus on barbell and free weight training. I will teach you how to be proficient (and safe!) in a variety of exercises that use these tools (example: deadlift, bench press, squats, and hip thrusts). Proper form and technique is a must in my book!
  • Educating on the importance of food quality AND quantity (hint: calories DO matter). I do not believe in meal plans, and therefore provide you with optimal calories and macronutrients to fit your lifestyle and goals. I will teach you how to create your own meal plans and put together delicious and nutritious meals that also hit your macronutrient and calorie targets."